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Welcome to the Seattle Home Maternity Service and Childbirth Center, the oldest established midwifery practice and birth center in Washington State. Our midwives attend births at home and in our licensed birth center and at Center for Birth; since 1980, we have been privileged to welcome over 3000 babies.

Licensed Midwives Marge Mansfield and Suzy Myers founded Seattle Home Maternity Service and Childbirth Center and have worked together since their training in the mid-1970’s. In 2006, Licensed Midwife Heather Chorley was welcomed into the practice and in 2010 Licensed Midwife Traci Palagi joined us after Suzy stepped back to focus on a new expanded role at the midwifery school. Currently, Heather and Traci are the midwives attending our births.

As midwives, our specialty is normal, healthy pregnancy and birth; we are dedicated to providing personal and individualized care during pregnancy, labor and afterwards. We respect the birth process as a profound experience on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels and feel honored to share this with our clients.

Our services are covered by insurance, including Group Health, and Medicaid.


SHMS satellite office moves to the new Center for Birth.

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Our newest babies!

2/6 Rio Auryn Taylor

1/30 Oliver Finnegan

1/28 Rowan Aldous

1/27 Cassidy Rose

1/24 Coralie Chi

1/21 Logan Maxwell

1/14 Sophia Marie Eve

1/14 Conor John McCullen

1/13 Wyatt James

1/12 Ovadiah Dovber

1/11 Ozzie Danial

1/9 Ariyeh Luke

1/5 Joseph Rafael

1/1 Abel Joel

12/17 Ronan Michael Emrys

12/16 Dawson Eli Allan

12/13 Emes Merrick-David

12/11 Alma Page

12/10 Finnegan Bee

12/4 Ama Mio