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Marge Mansfield

When I began volunteering at a women’s health clinic in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle in the early 70’s, my background in Biology, interest in medicine, and commitment to women’s issues and community activism, affirmed that I had found myself in the right place at the right time; we launched the “birth collective” in 1975; the midwifery model of care, partnering with women to take the lead in their health care, resonated deeply with me. I loved not only facilitating a woman’s transformation through pregnancy and birth; I later thrived on developing the academic program at Seattle Midwifery School. I’m forever appreciative of the bonds between midwives, clients, students, and the community that the practice of midwifery cultivates.

Partnership with Suzy over these 30+ years has been a fulfilling and rewarding relationship, offering us each mutual stimulation as well as adequate time off to rejuvenate. I’ve had the privilege to play music professionally, ski, hike, and climb, and travel internationally. I became certified as an EMT in Wilderness Medicine and obtained a pilot’s license in the early 90’s; both my partner Doug and I enjoy flying and especially cherish time in the mountains. At home I tend a garden and host many friends from afar; I’m fortunate to have close relationships with all members of my extended family, including young people from other countries, and of course, my dog!

I remain involved with the school and the Midwives Association, as well as clinical practice and the administration of SHMS. However, being “off-call” since 2010 has opened up time to pursue these and other interests more fully. I have been active with Tibetan Healing Fund since the early 2000’s, and for midwifery, as well as recreational and spiritual interests, I have visited Nepal and Tibet on a regular basis since then, building many friendships there.

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